ADS produces the most advanced patented water remediation and desalination technology incorporating supramolecular chemistry and nanotechnology to produce purified water for agricultural, municipal, and industrial purposes.

ADS is incorporating nanotechnology and biotechnology to revolutionize healthcare by replacing conventional, slow, painful, and often times unreliable blood tests with a test. reliable. and painless point-of-care diagnostic device.

The patent pending minimally-invasive diagnostic device invented by ADS does not use needles or pinpricks and can diagnose a host of conditions, such as blood glucose levels, HN/AIDS, other viral and bacterial infectious agents. and certain cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Due to its versatility and ease of use, the ADS diagnostic device has the potential to become standard equipment in every hospital and the glucose monitoring device of choice for many diabetics around the globe who dislike the pain or anxiety of pinpricks and needles.

ADS is incorporating smart materials with small and large molecular therapeutics with enhanced drug delivery and therapeutic effect. ADS is currently conducting pre-clinical research of novel small molecule therapeutics and evaluating other potential drug targets.